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What to do if hackers can pull data

What to do if hackers can pull data Q: The credit card number was stolen from the data target, and do not know where to turn for help. A: Up to 110 million people in the target data. As had been stolen credit card numbers, email addresses and passwords, will … Read more at The Desert Sun
hear the low Information Voter Once known as the “silent majority”, and now, as a nation “low information voters, “those citizens engaged in political duty on election day. But there is no real idea who or what they are voting. Yeah, when I’m working … More callings American Thought
information – the force that binds the universe Famed scientist Vlatko Vedral Malta will soon debate was actually decode “how the information relates to everything in the universe. lecture organized by the University of Malta Cafe Scientifique box and go, I will … Read more at Times Malta